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Visiotech VC1 Body-Worn Badge Camera

Visiotech VC1 Body-Worn Badge Camera

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VC1 Body-Worn Badge Camera

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Protect your staff and customers and reputation with a Body-Worn Camera solution, the VC1 Badge Camera.  With aggression against staff increasing to 90%, compared with 43% pre-COVID, you owe it to your future business reputation and staff safety to invest in a body-worn camera solution that is discreet, lightweight and easy to use.  Simply announcing you are turning the camera on acts as a serious deterrent to aggressive behaviour!

The VC1 Badge Camera looks like a regular name badge, discreetly packaged within, is a high-tech body camera capability with video and audio, providing you with the evidence when required, but more importantly, acts as a deterrent against staff aggression from customers.  Retail and hospitality staff face aggressive behaviour from customers on a daily basis, and empirical results from the UK retail firm, Tesco, indicate that introduction of staff body cameras decreases verbal and physical aggression against staff by 20%.

Improve staff morale and customer confidence in providing a safe workplace and customer experience.  With a long standby of 10hrs and continuous recording time of 8 hours, the VC1 body-worn badge camera can be customised with your brand logo and staff names, using a label maker or customised by us on request with your preferred design.

The badge camera combines discreet design into a powerful body camera system for retail and hospitality environments through it's wifi livestream capability and simple plug-and-play connectivity direct to a computer via the USB port.  The badge camera is also compatible with the DEMS software system.

It's a small price to pay for a camera that will protect your business staff, customers and reputation.

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