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Body Cameras

Camera Docking Station | 8 Port | VC-2

Camera Docking Station | 8 Port | VC-2

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8 Port Docking Station VC2 

The 8-Port Docking Station is the latest charge and data upload device that has been intentionally designed to be used in conjunction with the Visiotech Body Camera Range. People who purchase this product will be able to connect eight body cameras via a USB 3.0 port to the Visiotech DEMS Docking Station PC.

This docking station is available in two different models that have both been designed to be used alongside the Visiotech VS-X or the VC-2 Body Camera.


  • All‐metal construction durable and tough.
    Four support pads and air vented sides.
  • Fully compatible with USB1 .1, USB2.0 and USB3.0.
    L‐type USB connector.
  • Overload voltage and current protection.
  • Australian / New Zealand RCM compliant PSU.
  • 8 fixed drop‐in camera slots designed to direct
    connect the Visiotech Body Cameras.
  • Main power switch with LED connection lamps on
    each of the 8 drop‐in slots.


Tech specs

Name Visiotech 8‐Port Docking Station
Function Charge and upload data for 8 body cameras. Simple operation with drop‐in camera slots.
Maximum Quantity of Supported Units 8 body cameras
PSU Australian / New Zealand RCM compliant PSU. Voltage In: 240VAC Charge Voltage: 5VDC
Dimensions 400mm x 240mm x 80mm
Net weight 4.5Kgs
Model Number for VS‐2 Body Camera DS8PVS
Model Number for VC‐2 Body Camera DS8PVC


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