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Camera Software | DEMS Dock

Camera Software | DEMS Dock

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The DEMS Dock software offers camera and data management that compliments with Visiotech single and multi-port dock and charge stations. It automates data management of body cameras and ensure the cameras are charged and available for use at the start of every shift.

Users simply dock their body camera at the end of their shift and the docking station automatically connects to the camera and uploads the data stored on the camera. Video and Audio files together with Photos and GPS meta-data are managed by Visiotech’s DEMS-Dock software. Once data is uploaded to the local DEMS machine, optional file management features then prepare the body camera for the next shift.


  • Dock and walk-away automated camera management

  • User access password protection

  • File management and file encryption

  • Playback supports encrypted and non-encrypted video files

  • Encryption key is programmable and unique for your site

  • Review and Tag incident footage

  • Export of incident footage

  • GPS Location displayed on map during playback

Tech specs:

GPS positioning
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES256) Unique encryption key can be set for your specific organisation
Dock and Go technology Digital Evidence Management Software
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